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Cleaning Up With Libman {review & giveaway}

My old house was about 1400 square feet. My new house is about 3200 square feet. As my mother pointed out, perhaps a little rudely, that’s a whole lot of house for me to keep clean. (Meaning she doubted I could/would.) And she’s made it clear that she’s not helping me. Neither should she, and that’s fine. I have a few tricks up my sleeve. But, rather than just closing off half the house when we’re not actively using it, having some excellent tools makes the job easier.

Just before I left Toronto, the Libman Company contacted me to see if I’d have a look at a few of their cleaning tools. I arranged for them to send the package to my new place, which meant I didn’t have to move my old brooms and mops. Even better – the new, clean house is now being kept clean with new, clean tools. Sweet!

The Libman Company is US-based, but they have product available in the Canadian market as well. Not the whole line, but a good assortment. I had a browse and chose a broom and dustpan, mop and bucket, plus a dust mop, so I have the essentials covered. Here’s what I chose, and what I think –

Libman dust mop, broom with dustpan

Precision Angle Broom with Dustpan

I love the size and angle on this broom, and the stiffness of the bristles.  The bristles are strong and tightly packed, so dirt particles don’t sneak through. I’m also finding these bristles are great for attracting and grabbing the masses of cat fur found all over this house. After I empty the dustpan, I just use my hand to pull the fur away from the broom and dispose. The dustpan attaches to the broom handle, so it’s always there when you need it.  And, on top of the great performance, I love that the broom fibers are made from recycled PET soda and water bottles. Keeping plastic out of landfills is a big concern, so thank you to Libman for finding a new life for these bottles.

Upright Dustpan

So, I probably didn’t need a second dustpan, but my mom has one this style, and I was a little jealous. My back appreciates that I don’t have to bend over to collect and empty whatever mess I’ve swept up. I’ve been using this one in my laundry room, where I am constantly sweeping up stray cat litter. The dust pan is wide enough for a variety of brooms, and it has “teeth” at the back to clean things like cat fur off your broom as needed.

Tornado Mop

It’s been a long time since I used a string mop, so I wasn’t sure how I’d make out with this, but it does a great job. The mop head is quite large so you get good surface coverage. fabric bands prevent tangling, and the polyester yarn resists odor-causing bacteria, so the mop doesn’t get stinky. I especially like the “grip and click ratchet wringer.” This feature lets you wring the mop out easily and thoroughly without getting your hands into the water. Super easy! And, the mop head is machine washable, easy to remove and replace.

Libman Tornado mop

This image is from Libman, and it shows the mop fully extended.


Libman tornado mop

And this is my (used, therefore a bit dirty) mop after I used the ratchet wringer to wring it out.


4 Gallon Clean Rinse Bucket with Wringer

This is a great size, and a good, multi-purpose bucket. The wringer basket can be removed if you aren’t using it (Tornado Mop doesn’t need it, for instance). You can use one side for clean water and the other for wringing out the dirty water. One thing I have felt weird about with mops and buckets is how quickly you end up mopping with filthy water, so this is a draw for me. Or, you could use one side for water, the other for cleaning supplies, or whatever works for you. It’s like having two buckets on one handle.

Microfiber Dust Mop

Oh, how I love my cats. Oh, how I hate their shedding. The shed is particularly strong at this time of year, since they are switching over from their winter to their summer wardrobe. I run this over my hardwood pretty much daily, and it easily grabs and holds the dust, dander, and fur that is attempting to take over. The cleaning pad is removable, machine washable, and reusable. Yay! And the mop comes with a specially designed comb to remove the dust, dirt, and pet hair you pick-up if/when it won’t shake free. The comb attaches to the handle so it won’t get lost.


So, yes, I’m pleased with each of these items, and especially impressed with the broom. I didn’t think I could get excited about a broom, but there you go. Also, it’s certainly a bonus for me that the company colour is green – my favourite! Just another reason to love these cleaning tools. Now I just need to remember to keep using them. I know the best way to keep my home clean is to do a little every day. But some days I need to be reminded to make the time to tackle just one room, or run the dust mop over the main floor. If I ever finally get unpacked, I’ll settle into a rhythm I’m sure.

A Giveaway

Could you use some new cleaning tools? Libman has graciously offered up a prize pack for one lucky reader. The prize will include the same five items I received for review.  Entries are via the widget below and will be accepted until 11:59 pm ET, June 24. Giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents, excluding Quebec. Best of luck!



Disclosure: I received complimentary review product to support this post. No financial compensation was or will be received. All opinions on this blog, as always, remain my own.